Everybody has great stories to tell. The challenge for most people is figuring out how to get them onto the page. Throughout my career, I have helped people craft their unique stories into finished products that truly reflect what they are trying to say.

I have worked in jobs ranging from lecturer and English teacher at the University of Maryland’s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, campus, to copy editor and travel writer for Sunset Magazine, to writer for my own freelance business specializing in advertising collateral pieces, articles and speeches. I received my degree in English and American Literature from Harvard College and my M.A. in English from the University of Virginia.

Early in my marriage, my husband and I lived and traveled in Asia, and several travel stories that I wrote, all of which began as journal entries or letters to my parents, were published in The Boston Globe, San Francisco Examiner, Oakland Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, and other Sunday travel sections.

With our three children we have lived in Singapore (twice), Indonesia, and Sydney, Australia, as well as Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Rye, New York. I love to travel and have visited 37 countries and, I think, 45 states.

In addition to student workshops at Harvard and UVA, over the years — while moving continents and bringing up three children — I have found peace and inspiration in workshops at UPenn, Sarah Lawrence, Stanford, and on Martha’s Vineyard in the Chilmark Writing Workshop with Nancy Aronie’s “Writing from the Heart.” Several of the pieces I began in workshops were published in local newspapers, and one short story written for a workshop deadline evolved into the first chapter of my novel, SPLIT ROCK.

Holly Eger
pvwriters [at] gmail.com


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