Writes of Passage: Morning Pages


Please email me at pvwriters@gmail.com to sign up

What exactly are “Morning Pages?” They are what disciplined writers compose first thing every day to get their ideas and their fingers warmed up. Grammar and punctuation are irrelevant and not to be judged in these pages; rather, what is interesting and what we will discuss are the thoughts and the articulation of heartfelt observations and emotions. This is your own time; there are no hard and fast rules.

I will give you a prompt (the beginning of your first sentence) and then ask you to find a spot in the garden or house and write for a short, specified amount of time before sharing (if and when you feel ready) your writing with the group. Prompts will be geared toward stream-of-conscious personal reflection as well as toward fiction. We will also explore dialogue and different perspectives, voices, and narrative styles.

In these workshops, my role as facilitator is to be your motivator, cheerleader, and craftsperson devoted to helping you unlock what it is your soul has been trying to express while you have been too busy taking care of everybody else to listen.

What happens in this group stays in the group (the “four walls policy”). The integrity of the workshop demands that we can fully trust each other and feel we are in a completely safe place to laugh, cry, and try to understand, through writing, our complex emotions — which have a way of becoming especially cloudy as the years tumble by.

The process of writing can provide real clarity to one’s life. Besides being cathartic, the work is fun! The goal of these workshops is to help you reconnect with your own voice, enjoy some hard-earned “alone” time with a pen or keyboard, and begin a journey.

To get an even better idea of what happens in the Writes of Passage workshops, please read the Testimonials on this website from past participants.

“Thank you for the summer writing workshops. They were more wonderful than I even dared hope!”

Remember: the sky’s the limit as to what you can do



One thought on “Writes of Passage: Morning Pages

  1. Holly, sign me up for the November days…..can’t wait!

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