I have to thank you again for being a part of my boys’ lives. S.S. was accepted to 5 out of the 7 schools he applied to. I’m sure the essays had something to do with this!!

R.S. (mother of a 12th grader)

I could not have gotten through the application process without you, and am so grateful I found you. Not only did you help me create pieces that I feel really good about, you also taught me that I love to write, a passion that might otherwise have gone unnoticed! Thank you for teaching me so much about the writing process. I feel so lucky to have found you.

K.W. (12th grader)

I don’t know if it was your brainstorming or that magic chair I wrote in, but when I went to your house I had no idea what my topic would be and left with a finished draft. I really like my essay. Thank you.

M.H. (12th grader)

I always thought I was a terrible writer until I worked with you. Thank you for giving me confidence and making me actually like to write. (I never thought I would say that.)

C.J. (12th grader)

You are truly the Essay Queen, and we thank you! My husband and I agree that you saved not only our marriage, but our relationship with our son! He is thrilled with all of his essays, and we are so grateful that you could meet with him on such an emergency basis. We really were pulling our hair out!

M.C. (mother of a 12th grader)

Mrs. E., thanks for helping me get into college and teaching me how to write. Nobody ever took the time to go over each of my sentences the way you did before. I will definitely give you a shout out when I win my first Academy Award.

P.C. (12th grader)

Thanks so much for your calm, insightful, and incredibly supportive input to my daughter on her essays. Applying to college is a daunting process and it was wonderful for her to have you to help guide her through it.

A.D. (mother of a 12th grader)

You were a wonderful help in not only honing my son’s essay and writing skills but also, and most importantly, boosting his confidence and encouraging his ambitions.  Thank you for being so available to help and for caring so much about his essays.  The confidence and writing instruction you provided have been invaluable.

K.J. (mother of a 12th grader)

Thank you so much for the support you have given me.  While the college searching process was full of twists and turns, you helped me keep my head on my shoulders.  Thank you.

D.H. (12th grader)

Mrs. E, I couldn’t have done my application essays without you to motivate me and encourage me to keep going. Your wisdom about the whole process and your insights about each school’s specific application were incredible — I always knew I was in good hands no matter what. Thank you for your invaluable help in my acceptance to my first choice college.

J.M. (12th grader)

Mrs. E, I want to thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put in working with me to improve my essays.  I found out yesterday that I got in to [my first-choice college], and I know that it had a lot to do with my essays.  So, thank you so very much.  It was wonderful working with you as well as getting to know you.

T.R. (12th grader)

Thank you so, so much for all of your invaluable advice, time, and assistance. You definitely encouraged and motivated my daughter out of her writing rut and you certainly helped take the pressure off our mother-daughter relationship. I truly don’t know what we would have done without you.

C.T. (mother of 8th grader applying to private high school)


 You have given me such a gift with your workshop — I am eternally grateful.


I want to tell you how much my three mornings in your beautiful garden meant to me. What a serene setting, coupled with comforting green tea and marvelous women. You as our leader set a tone of honesty, warmth, trust, curiosity and openness. It was magical on so many levels. My hope is that this is the beginning of our journey.


The only complaint I have about this workshop is that it was too short. I could easily have spent many more hours blissfully writing in the serene and positive environment you have so carefully created. You have the rare gift of gracefully coaxing even the most reluctant participant to dig deep within and get to the heart of the matter. With a few thoughtful prompts and gentle guidance you lead writers closer to their true selves and remind them of their passions. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who loves to write, or remembers that, at one time, they did.


Your workshop is a truly transforming experience. The three days I spent with you in Writes of Passage unleashed lots of buried emotions and memories… Even more important, you encouraged me to try new kinds of writing, both in genre (personal memory and fiction) and style (dialogue, point of view, “show, don’t tell”). You have a great talent for teaching the art of writing. I look forward to experimenting with and expanding my new-found voice in your future workshops.



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